Representatives & Distributors

Some of the fine companies we represent are listed below.

Intelligent Power Meters, Web Accessible

Wireless Solutions

Power Quality Anayzers, Megohmeters, Earth/Ground Resistance Testers, Clamp-on CT’s for AC and DC

Displacement, Turbine, and Magnetic Flowmeters

Infrared Temperature, Moisture, Thickness, and Paperless Recorders

Lightning and Surge Protection

Loop Isolators, Indicators, Pump Controls, Wereless Telemetry

Level & Flow Instrumentation

Panel Meters, Wirless Solutions

Continuous Level Monitoring Solutions

Flow Monitors, Counters, Timers, PLC Peripherals and MMI Software

Water quality instrumentation

Flow Meters

Submersible Depth & Pressure Transmitters

Industrial Current Sensors

Circular Chart Recorders, PID Controllers

Process Calibration Equipment

Annunciators, Signal Conditioners, Density, Level Weight, Radiation Monitoring

Data Recorders, Remote Recorders, Water Level Trackers, Wireless Water Infrastructure Monitoring